The Perrin Family

A Richard Perrin family and a Thomas Perrin family lived on adjacent plantations on the James River in the years 1670 to 1710. This area, later "Wilton" of William Randolph III, is now on the edge of Richmond. Each of the Perrin families had one son survive infancy, but the sons died young and without issue.  The families do have many descendants through the daughters.

One Richard Perrin, was transported to Henrico County in 1637 by Thomas Osborne, Jr.  He could have been the father of Richard and Thomas Perrin, but I also find another Richard Perrin transported by Thomas Weston also in 1637.  In 1672 Richard Perrin patented 740 acres on the north side of the James in the vicinity of Cornelius Creek, part of which was called "Worlds End".  In 1688 Thomas Perrin patented 140 acres on the north side of the James adjacent to Richard Perrin on Cornelius Creek.

No will exists for Thomas Perrin but the Court of Henrico in October 1689 recorded: "An Perrin showeth...what debts she hath payd of her husband decd: estate...Acct presented by Anne the admx Tho: Perrin decd."  Anne Perrin was the daughter of Robert Porter whose will was proved in Henrico County 1, October 1651, reference to which is made in later records.

My husbands line is extended down through Richard Perrin.  Richard Perrin was born in England, probably between 1610-1620 and died in Henrico County, Virginia, between 16, March 1694/5 which are the date of his will and the date of its probate in court.  Because his name is first mentioned in records in 1637 as a headright, he was, at the time of his death, at least 58, but probably in his seventies.  There are many records extant concerning the Richard Perrin family. The 1678 will of Henry Isham names "Richard Perrin, his wife”.  In 1686 the will of Katherine Royall Isham named (among others) daughter Katherine Perrin, grandson Richard Perrin, granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah and Anne Perrin. 

In 1691 Richard Perrin deeded 265 acres to Thomas Farrar and Katherine his wife, "my daughter," and to grandson Perrin Farrar. In 1695 the will of Richard Perrin, deceased was proved. Richard Perrin's inventory was not recorded until 1704 possibly at the death of Katherine, his wife, who held certain lifetime interests.

Children of Richard and Katherine (Royall) Perrin:

1. Sarah Perrin, mentioned in father's will, married William Cocke 2, November 1695 (Records of St. John's Church, Henrico Parish).

2. Mary Perrin, married 1688/89, Robert2 Napier. (See Napier Family for continuation of my husbands line)

3. Katherine Perrin, married before 1686, Thomas Farrar.

4. Richard2 Perrin, died between 1686 and 1695.

5. Anne Perrin, married 19, April 1695 Thomas East



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